A new tool to support the trade and the end user. Access to content is quick and easy with different levels of in-depth information. Optimized smartphone and tablet version.

Caroni SpA has just published its new website on WordPress platform to offer a new look and even more functional navigation. In fact, it is quite normal for a company whose DNA is based on renovation, as part of the its heritage: a maker of components for the Automotive industry, sheet metal machining tools and dies, lawn mowers and agricultural equipment of all kinds. In fact, the company is constantly in motion in all these complementary and synergic fields of business, never stopping innovating since it was established in 1954.

With completely new graphics and updated content, the new web site is designed not only to provide an exhaustive overview of the company but to communicate with visitors and invite them to share content through social networks.

As in the past, the new web site is offered in different languages, because Caroni does a lot of travelling not only in Italy, but all over the world: on roads, thanks to the trust placed in the company by major automobile manufacturers such as Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, FIAT, CNH,  and more who use its components, and in the fields, selling agricultural equipment all over the world, from the United States to Japan.

The latest generation platform makes browsing quick and easy. The site’s structure clearly and schematically reflects the principal areas in which the company works, providing examples of the manufacturing techniques, productive facilities and potential available to customers in each of these areas. Components, for instance, is divided into five key areas of operation: sheet metal pressing, mechanical machining, tooling and dies, laser tube machining and surface treatments. Like the whole web site, also the sectors have been completely renewed using advanced technologies that will be sure to attract plenty of clicks.

Descriptions and technical data permit rapid identification of the sectors and product types best suited to the needs of any project, however large or small; exhaustive photo galleries provide simple, direct examples of the company’s productive potential, offering not just references and guarantees, but suggestions and stimuli.

The Agricultural Equipment section provides ample illustrations of the entire range of mowers, flail mowers, stalk shredders, milling machines, and special applications, allowing visitors to browse price lists and documentation online.

Of course, the site is optimized for tablet or smartphone.

Good surfing on the website www.caroni.it!