Rotary Tillers FL and FM Series

The FL series of light rotary tillers, which can be attached to small and medium-sized tractors with 15 to 40 HP, is ideal for use in orchards, vineyards and market gardens. The FM series of tough compact medium-sized rotary tillers, suitable for tractors ranging from 35 to 60 HP, is ideal for small/medium-sized farms. These are relatively light machines which, despite the fact they do not require a great deal of power, are mechanically tough as a result of the high quality materials used in their making.

The 3rd floating point and the adjustable hitches are always centered on the tractor axis but allow the tiller to be moved 16 cm to the right. This important innovation has been employed on the 1100 – 1200 -1300 and 1400 versions of the FL series, and on all the FM models. The chain drive, positioned at the side of the tiller, is housed in an oil bath and has a manual tension regulator. The disk rotor has 6 hoes per disk. Side skids used to adjust the tilling depth are standard fittings. The standard universal joint can be supplied with a clutch or bolt limiting device upon request.

Technical features

The hitches, which are also standard fittings, allow these tillers to be used with any type of tractor.

Rotary Tillers: Caroni by Kubota

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