Multicut lawnmower, front or rear

Even better performance.


The MULTICUT is manufactured using state-of-the-art design criteria and highly modern construction techniques. The device consists of three rear lawnmowers with vertical axes, of the TC series – width 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2400 mm – mounted on a single chassis which can be connected up to any tractor: from 30 up to 75 HP.

A perfect combination of mechanical, hydraulic and production features which, at speeds of 10/15 km/h, reduces the number of cutting operations, work times and labour costs while making each lawnmower three times as efficient.

Reduced operating times also result in lower fuel consumption and less pollution from the tractor.

All these features are combined in a device which weighs from 950 up to 1300 kg.

With an operating range from 3.60 up to 5.65 m, MULTICUT increases productivity and cuts the time and costs of maintaining sports fields, parks, fairways and large grassed areas in general, sectors for which it was specially designed.


Drive is transmitted by means of a universal joint to a fourwaybox and then by means of three more universal jointsto the three cutting devices which operate independently.

Each lawnmower in anchored to the supporting structure individually by means of oscillating arms and is equipped with “extra wide” wheels.

Since the lawnmowers operate independently they are able to follow the contours and irregular features of the land, cutting the grass evenly and accurately to heights of between 25 and 100 mm.


The MULTICUT has a three cylinder hydraulic system designed to fold the three lawnmowers vertically when work is complete, reducing the width of the device to just 2.00 m – 2.20 m – 2.40 m, depending on the model. This makes it extremely easy to transport the MULTICUT by road. Two extra wide tyres and a hydraulic stop on each device increase safety and stability.

Technical features

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